Guidelines for Workshops

This is a possible agenda for a ½ day workshop. See Tips for Daylong Workshops for suggestions for longer workshops. In both cases set up the room with a circle of chairs.

Agenda for 2½ – 3 hour Workshop

Introductions (30 min)

  • Facilitators introduce themselves,  agenda and ethics (what is said in the group stays in the group)
  • “Go-around” with each person saying his/her name
  • Action Sociometry Continua on the following:
    • degree of comfort with this topic
    • degree of religious upbringing
    • importance of religion in your life today
    • importance of spirituality in your life today

Script Reading (60 min)

Two types of scripts have been provided: monologues and a full theatrical script.  When working with monologues, invite participants to go around the circle, with each person reading out loud a paragraph or two (or half a page – whatever seems appropriate) until a monologue ends – following this process:

  • Shared reading out loud of one monologue
  • Reflect on the monologue, using prepared questions
  • Read another monologue
  • Reflect on that monologue, using the same questions
  • Read a third monologue…

If you are using the full script with numerous characters and acts, ask for volunteers to take on the role of each of the characters. Then follow the process below:

  • Read Part I
  • Reflect on Part I using prepared questions
  • Select new readers, if desirable
  • Read Part II
  • Reflect on Part II using same reflection questions
  • Select readers for the 3 new characters in Part III
  • Read Part III
  • Reflect on Part III

Tea Break  (15 min)

Small Group Discussion (30 min)   In small groups discuss:

  • Do any experiences or events in my life (now or in the past) resonate with these images? In what specific ways?
  • In what ways does reflecting on these stories take me “beyond the limits of what I would routinely think” and aid me in developing “options for action in my life that would not have otherwise occurred to me?”

Full Group Discussion (30 min)

  • Feedback from the smaller groups
  • Finish with a final evaluative Action Sociometry Continuum: How useful was this workshop in terms of what I will be taking away?