Action Sociometry

In an action sociometry continuum, participants stand up and place themselves along a line – with one end reflecting a feeling of total comfortable or of highest importance, and the other end reflecting a feeling of total discomfort or of no importance. Participants may need to consult with each other to find their place on the continuum.

In an action sociometry cluster, participants are asked to stand in groups according to a criteria such as which sector you work in primarily (teaching, pastoral care, voluntary or private), or which character did you identify with most (Jean, Bob, Hamish etc).  It may happen that a participant needs to stand in more than one group, in which case he or she can stand between clusters.

Once everyone is in place, invite them to share a word or phrase that reflects why they are standing where they are.  Action sociometry provides a quick way for participants to integrate mind, heart, and body and for the group to learn about each other.

For more information on action sociometry, check out the seminal book:

Conducting Clinical Sociometric Explorations: a manual for psychodramatists and sociometrists,  by Ann E. Hale (1985 First Workbook Edition, Royal Publishing Company)

or Ann E. Hale’s website: