Tips for Daylong Workshops

Here are some additional activities that we used in our longer workshop:

1.  In the small group discussion, use sticky notes to identify important things that came out of listening to the stories and reflecting. This can be done before lunch.

2.  After lunch, using action sociometry, participants can join clusters based on the following questions

  • To which character were you most drawn?
  • To which character were you least drawn?

Using the sticky notes as guides, identify common themes from each of the small groups. Once the themes are clear, participants may form clusters based on their mutual interest in a particular theme or set of themes.  For each of these clusters, participants may say a word or phrase reflecting their choice.  Then bring everyone together for a full group discussion about the  process.

3. After the action sociometry described above, but before the final plenary/large group gathering, allow time for Individual Reflection, providing materials for participants to do:

  • Journaling
  • Art
  • Other creative expressions