This is the official website of the Talking Therapies knowledge exchange project, which ran from August 2012 through to October 2013.  The project was led by Prof Liz Bondi (Counselling and Psychotherapy, The School of Health in Social Science, the University of Edinburgh) and involved Dr Alette Willis (Counselling and Psychotherapy), Dr MaryCatherine Burgess (Counselling and Psychotherapy), Prof David Fergusson (School of Divinity), and Dr Steven Sutcliffe (School of Divinity).  Claire Parker (Counselling and Psychotherapy) provided much appreciated administrative support.

The project involved holding workshops with counsellors, psychotherapists, pastoral care workers, clergy and chaplains across Scotland around the topic of counselling, religion and spirituality.  Oral history material from an earlier project, Theology and Therapy, was adapted into Readers’ Theatre scripts, which formed the core of these discussions.

On this site, you will find a summary of the project, final Readers’ Theatre scripts and a guide to using them.  We welcome your feedback.  Please let us know if you use our material.  We are curious to discover what uses it will be put to.

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Final Report is available for download: Talking Therapies Final Report